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1 - First Step - Submit Property Info
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You May Either Call Us Now at (661) 493-8001 or you may Complete Our Simple Property Information Form Below... Do It Today!

We buy houses and we are currently looking to buy 5 to 10 more in the next 30 to 60 days.

If you’ve been remotely considering the idea of selling… we’d like to have the opportunity to present you with a Free, No Risk or Obligation Offer.
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2 - Next Step - Receive An Offer
Receive Your No Risk or Obligation Offer
Receive An Offer
Receive Your No Risk or Obligation Offer... Fast For Cash or Terms For Top Market Value!

We can appreciate the fact that you may have lots of questions about How We Will Buy Your House and that you would only sell your house under certain conditions. We are definitely looking to buy and would welcome the opportunity to go through the process of identifying if we can do business. 


So… we will spend just a few minutes on the phone discussing your situation and your property details. 


The process we need to go through is a few very simple questions to determine: 


  • The Condition of the Property…
  • Why you would want to sell it…
  • What YOU think the property is worth…
  • And Most Importantly... How Much You Want to Sell It For!


It usually takes about 5 to 10 minutes to go through this process and...


Believe us, there is no way that we can buy your house unless you first feel comfortable that we have answered all your questions and... that we come to a mutual agreement on all the terms... including Your Price.


You risk nothing and you are under no obligation to sell!


We'd like to go through the process to see how we can Buy Your House... Go Ahead and Submit Your Property Information. 

3 - Last Step - Sell Your House!
Agree On The Terms and Sell Your House
Agree On The Terms and Sell Your House!
If We Agree On The Terms... We Will Buy Your House As Is and Close On The Date of Your Choice!
If We Can Both Agree On The Terms... And We Can Agree On What The Property Is Worth In Today’s Market… And We Can Agree On a Price That Works For Both You and Us... 


We will go to closing and you get your money in as little as just a few days, or on the date of your choice, it’s really up to you! 


All of our closings are handled by professional Real Estate Attorneys and or Escrow and Title Companies. There are never any commissions, fees or closing costs... we pay all the costs. 


The cash purchase price that you agree upon, is the check that you will receive or have the Escrow Company wire your money directly into your bank account.

​Go Ahead and Use This Form Below to Submit The Basic Information About Your Property Right Now!

 You risk nothing by providing us with your property information and perhaps you get to enjoy all the benefits we have to offer. 


There's Just 4 Simple but Important Questions

Thank You And We Look Forward To Helping Make Your Home Selling Experience An Easy, Exciting And Profitable One

We Buy Houses And We Are Currently Looking To Buy 5 to 10 More In The Next 30 to 60 Days

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All your information will be held strictly confidential.

We will be in touch with you to get any other details we may need and to set up a time to meet you at your property or by phone.

We will then present you with an offer, usually within 48 hours after we speak and you'll quickly know if we have a solution for you or… if you need to look at your other options.

We Buy Houses at a Fair and Acceptable Offer
Fair and Acceptable Offer

If we can’t offer you a fair price, or come to an agreement that works for both of us, then we'll shake hands, part as friends, and we won’t do business.

It's That Simple!

You Won’t Find a More Serious Buyer Than Us!

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Remember... There's Never Any Obligation To Accept any Offer we Make You, You Risk Absolutely Nothing and It's FREE! There Are No Fees Involved in Receiving an Offer.