• Private Lender/Investor Questionnaire

    Private Lender/Investor Questionnaire

    Private Lending Is Not For Everyone, But If You Are Not Earning The Return You Want On Your Investment Dollars, You May Decide That It Is A Good Option For You.

Done correctly, Private Lending can double or triple bank rate returns, while still offering safety of principal.

One of the best ways for us to get to know you as a prospective Private Money Lender or Investor on paper is to have you fill out a Private Lender/Investor Questionnaire before we consider doing business together and certainly before we take any money or accept any loans from you.

The Private Lender/Investor Questionnaire is designed to accomplish several different objectives, including:
  • Gathering basic contact information about you the Private Lender/Investor


  • Identifying your desired role in the Private Loan/Investment


  • Qualifying in terms of Amount of Funds Available to Lend/Invest


  • Ensuring the Loan/Investment is suitable for you, given your current and future financial circumstances


  • Ensuring that you have the requisite amount of understanding and/or business experience to appreciate the terms and risks of the Loan/Investment
Request Private Lender/Investor Questionnaire
All your questions will be answered and there's absolutely No Cost, No Obligation to do anything and Nothing to Buy Later!

Once you understand how Private Lending works and the risks involved, you can then decide if you wish to participate on the opportunities we make available to our list of Private Investors on an ongoing basis. But...

We Will Have To Get To Know Each Other and Talk First Before Being Accepted!