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    How Would You Like to Have an Investment That Earns You a High Rate and Is Overly Secured with Real Estate?

    Discover How You Can Safely and Securely Earn 200% To 400% Times Current Bank Rates.

Discover How You Can Safely & Securely Earn 200% To 400% Times Current Bank Rates.

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If You Have A Savings Account, A Money Market Account, Mutual Funds Or Stocks, Cds, An IRA, Or Any Investment Capital That's Not Presently Getting You Returns Of Up To 400% Higher Than Current Bank CD Or Money Market Rates... 

Then You Need To Learn About Private Lending 

REJVP – Real Estate Joint Venture Partner… We Buy, Sell, Lease and Renovate Single-Family Houses In the Bakersfield, Tulare, Visalia, Fresno and Throughout the Central and Southern California Area and We Sometimes Borrow Short Term Funds from Individuals Such As You to Purchase and Rehab These Houses.

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Private Lending For High Profits

Private Lending For High Profits

We work primarily with Private Investors...

People like yourself who desire consistent, higher than average returns on their money...
People who want secured returns, not risky trends…
People who aren't satisfied with single-digit returns on their hard-earned IRA's, Pension Plans and other Investments, but who want the highest yield they can safely receive.

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Double, Triple... or Even Quadruple Your Returns!

Double, Triple... or Even Quadruple Your Returns!

We supply one of the most secured investment programs available today, secured by very low Loan-to-Value Mortgages, with Short-Term involvement and payoffs in as little as 1 to 5 years. You make a consistent return every year and you completely control where every dollar goes.


Your money is secured by a Note and Deed of Trust or a Mortgage and you may choose to receive installments for a dependable income or allow your funds to accrue for exponential growth.


All of our transactions are closed by professionals with:
      • Title Insurance
      • Fire Insurance.
      • Appraisal or Market Analysis.
      • An Escrow Company to handle all the Legal Documents.
      • And we never Borrow more than 75% of the value of the house.
The Safe Alternative To The Stock Market
If you have any investment capital that's not presently getting a DOUBLE or even up to TRIPLE traditional bank investment returns, then you need to learn more and get full details about how we are able to pay our Private Lenders up to 4 Times Current Bank CD rates to fund the purchases we make each month.

We use Private Investors to fund the purchases of our properties. Your money is placed with us for a minimum of Three to Five Years (One to Two Years for smaller projects).


We are not Real Estate Agents, Real Estate or Stockbrokers, or a Mortgage Company. We are Private Real Estate Investors who buy several properties monthly using the funds of Private Investors just like you.

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Although every transaction is different, most of our transactions are structured in such way that we can cite the following general guidelines:

Private Mortgage General Guidelines

All mortgages are (overly) secured by the property.

A Copy of the appraisal or market analysis is provided, along with the lenders title insurance and property hazard insurance.

The Money (investor’s funds) are held on deposit in the escrow company's account and not released until all of the requirements to secure the investment have been met.

The entire investment earns interest, because the borrower pays for the cost of closing loan.

Learn How To Become a Private Money Lender

We always have several opportunities available for those interested in Private Mortgage Lending. We have projects that we are working on that we need funding for TODAY!

So if you are ready to learn more about how to put your investment funds to work on getting you a higher return then...

We Have Put Together an Educational 12 Book Series Which We Are Offering For You to Read and or Download Right Now... Absolutely FREE!

Once you understand how it works and the risks involved, you can then decide if you wish to participate on the opportunities we make available to our list of Private Investors on an ongoing basis. But...

We Will Have To Get To Know Each Other and Talk First Before Being Accepted!


We are currently looking for a select number of qualified investors to participate with us in our "Private Lending Investment program."

Just think about earning up to 400% higher than Traditional Bank returns on your investment dollars.

Now take action and simply request your Private Lending Information Kit right now - Today!

Gabriel Contreras

In The Spirit Of Service!

Our goal is to provide safer, well-secured, high-yielding and hassle-free cash flow to those who participate with us in providing funding for our investment real state.

Don’t settle for low CD rates or risk your capital in the stock market. Use these Private Mortgage Investment Opportunities to earn Higher than CD returns with Safer than Stock Market risks and Lower than Bond Market Volatility! 
Gabriel Contreras 
Real Estate Investor - Private Lender

Still Have Questions?

For More Detailed Information on how to get started on your own Private Money Lending business.... Go Ahead and Request our "Private Lender/Investor Questionnaire." The faster you get this to us, the quicker you can earn better than average, safer returns on your investment dollar!

We are currently looking for a select number of qualified investors to participate with us in our "Private Lending Investment Program."