When You Sell Your House to Us You Can Eliminate Costs and Avoid Fees

July 14,2018 06:29 PM Comment(s) By REJVP

When You Sell Your House to Us, You Can Eliminate Expensive Holding Costs and Avoid Marketing and Selling Fees

We can quickly make you multiple offers to Sell for All Cash or Terms and handle all the paperwork if it’s accepted. We do not charge any fees or commissions to buy your house.

You will save on Holding Costs if your property is:

  • Vacant
  • Tied up by a Non-Paying Tenant
  • Closing on your next home and facing double mortgage payments
  • Or simply paying on a house you No Longer Want

You will also avoid Advertising Costs if you try to sell it on your own For Sale By Owner. Of course there is no need to pay real estate agent commissions when we are your buyer.

If you’re currently under a typical 6 to 12 month listing contract to sell with a real estate agent then you’ll be obligated to pay the normal 6% to 8% commission fee IF the agent actually finds you a suitable buyer for your house.

If after trying to sell your house on your own or after going through a long and expensive holding period under a listing contract your house still has not sold, then it may make sense now to Contact Us Directly to buy your house after you have exhausted your efforts or your agreement is expired with your agent.

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