What is Your Home Worth

July 14,2018 06:55 PM Comment(s) By REJVP

What’s Your Home Worth?

Contact Us for a Guaranteed No Risk or Obligation Offer on your property. After doing some market research and inspecting the property, we’ll gladly share this Free Home Value Analysis with you.

Our offers are based on the current market value, housing market trends, our plans for the property and a projected future value which can many times push up our offer price to very attractive and unexpected heights.

If we don’t both agree on the value, that’s OK. We can always buy based on a third party opinion or appraisal. If our offer is not acceptable, that’s OK too. Our deal has to make sense for both of us. Sure, we need to make a profit... but we’re in a position where we can wait many years for it.

And we’re even happy to give you valuable tips, ideas and suggestions and even a real estate agent referral if we can’t create a win-win agreement to become your buyer.
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