Free Home Value Analysis

July 14,2018 07:22 PM Comment(s) By REJVP

How to Receive a Free Home Value Analysis

  • What’s your house worth today?
  • What’s your active competition?
  • What price should you ask if selling on your own?
  • What can we pay you for your property now?

Request a Free Home Value Analysis to find out. Armed with some knowledge, you can more easily decide whether you want to sell to us or list with an agent or sell on your own or maybe wait and sell later. Submit Your Property Info or give us a call to request this free service. We’ll research recent comparable sales in the area and then arrange to inspect the property. After that we can tell you what we think it’s worth, and what we can pay you… many times offering To Market Value! There’s not cost or obligation.

Any offer we make you is guaranteed for 7 days allowing you to think about it, or get family or professional advice, or explore your other options. We don’t even mind if you shop our offer around. If you can get a better deal... you should take it!
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