About REJVP – Real Estate Joint Venture Partner

Our company founders have a combined experience history of over Twenty Years in the business. We have been Purchasing, Selling, Leasing and Renovating Residential Real Estate (mainly single family houses as our primary business) in the Bakersfield, Tulare, Visalia, Fresno and now in most of Central and Southern California area since 1996.

We Buy and Sell Houses and Mortgage Notes plus, we offer Investment and Joint Venture Partnership Opportunities!

On some investments we use funds from Private Lenders and Joint Venture Partners to fund the purchases of the properties. The Real Estate purchased is used as collateral and the investment capital is secured by a Note and Deed of Trust. Our Private Lenders receive an attractive rate of return and in the case of our Joint Venture Partners they participate in a profit and equity sharing position.

Every transaction is handled by professionals with Title Insurance, Fire Insurance, and all the required documentation plus… we never encumber the property with more than 75% of the value of the house supported by a Certified Appraisal.

Most of our homes are usually then sold to some good folks that have been stricken with some bad luck and have damaged their credit but would love to buy a nice home without qualifying for a bank loan using our flexible purchase programs such as our Rent to Own, Lease Option and No Qualifying Owner Financing.

We also purchase debt instruments secured by real estate. We purchase all types of notes on all types of property throughout the Bakersfield, Visalia and Tulare California area.

We have been providing our home Sellers and Buyers as well as Lenders and Venture Partners with superior service on the foundation that we will not enter into any transaction which does not benefit everyone involved. We understand that in order for any business transaction to be a successful one, it needs to be a “Win, Win Solution” to all.

We Buy and Sell Houses ​In Bakersfield, Tulare, Visalia, Fresno and Throughout Most of the Central and Southern California Area
Based in Bakersfield, CA


Our mission is to deliver a service that produces highly personalized solutions, specifically designed for the seemingly complicated financial dilemmas which prevent so many real estate transactions to come about.

With these solutions we will provide our Seller Clients, our Buyers Clients as well as our Private Lenders and Joint Venture Partners the most suitable alternatives to the conventional ways of selling, buying and or investing in Residential Real Estate.

We fulfill this mission by having at all times the most up to date knowledge of every aspect of the real estate market, as well as our time tested systems which enable us to render customized win, win opportunities and results through a systematic process and on purpose.

In Layman Terms

We buy and invest in single family houses through a Creative Real Estate Investing (CREI) program while at the same time providing well secured investment opportunities to Private Individual Lenders and Venture Partners. We will engage in no transaction which does not benefit all whom it affects. We call this, “Righteous Dealings in the Spirit of Service!”.


CREI - Creative Real Estate Investing

A Brief Explanation of CREI (Creative Real Estate Investing)

I believe the best way to explain Creative Real Estate Investing is by comparing how we differ from the conventional Real Estate Agent or Real Estate Broker whom only offer buyers and sellers; representation, guidance, information and ideas of “how to buy or sell a house.”

Instead, we provide the ultimate desired outcome:

  • “We are the Buyers” that the home owners need and are looking to sell to! And…
  • “We are the flexible Sellers” that a challenged buyer needs to be able to purchase their home from!”.

It is crystal clear to us after several millions of dollars of direct involvement in this exciting, honorable and respectable field of Residential Real Estate Investing that in this and any business…

"Financial success can only be accessed through service to others, the greater the fortune is that we desire, the greater our service must be or the more people we must provide our services to!"

How It Works
For Sellers
For Investors
For Buyers
How It Works

How We Make It Work

We have several different ways to buy houses including all cash. In some cases, we work with existing mortgages and other times have the sellers carry back their home equity in the form of a note.

On deals where the seller or the deal needs cash, we sometimes raise these funds from Private Lenders and or offer opportunities for Joint Venture Partners to get involved. These lenders and partners will be well secured by equity in the purchased properties.

As a Private Lender they will be paid an attractive interest rate until the property is sold or refinanced or share in the profits as a Joint Venture Partner according to their chosen level of involvement.

For Sellers

Benefits To Our Sellers

Sellers benefit as we cut out the middlemen. We can offer a higher purchase price when the equity in the deal isn’t being carved away by fees from real estate agents, banks and mortgage brokers.


The money saved buying in this way can allow us to buy at a discount and still offer a seller a fair and acceptable price, many times getting them what they might net selling conventionally, but without the hassle and uncertainty.
For Investors

Benefits to Our Private Lenders and or Venture Partners

The difference between our discounted purchase price and our eventual resale price becomes a profit spread. When this spread is large enough, we will take out part of our future profits in cash, upfront.

From a cash needs basis, this will allow us to hold for longer-term and avoid having to do discounted flips for cash. But we will only borrow against our profit when the projected income on the house will cover the underlying debt and expenses making it a safe investment.

If we cannot pull cash out when buying, then we must only take over existing mortgage payments or create seller carry back financing terms that would allow the property to generate positive cash revenue each month.

When paying all cash, we need a bigger discount. To protect our Private Investors and or Joint Venture Partners we will not borrow more than 75% of the property’s value. Those funds will be used to buy, fix and occupy the property, with any cash left being available for the seller. Even in this case, the underlying payment for taxes, insurance and interest must be supported by the income from the property, leaving enough left over to create a positive income. Without a positive or breakeven cash flow, there’s no compelling reason to own these houses.

We will make every effort to invest in these properties, using none or as minimal of our own cash or credit as possible. The profits from these real estate transactions will be used to fund the buying and selling operations, generate cash to payoff our unsecured debts and provide reliable cash flow to survive and thrive.

Buying discounted real estate and holding for 5 years or more using a purchase price based on today’s value (or based on a projected lower value in some housing markets) will keep us well protected. Every deal will improve our balance sheet but must also provide either cash now or cash flow. Otherwise we can’t justify investing in the property… and the seller will need to pursue more conventional avenues for finding a buyer.

Even though we are in a position to hold these houses for many years, we will immediately offer to sell them with flexible owner financing.

For Buyers

Benefits to Our Buyers

Our homes are sold primarily to good folks that have been stricken with some bad luck and have damaged their credit but are looking to buy a nice new home without having to qualify for a bank loan using one of our flexible purchase programs, such as our Rent to Own, Lease Purchase or Seller Financing.


Some buyers will fix up our properties in exchange for equity. Some will get new bank loans and cash us out. But most will be attracted by our offer to finance them whenever they can’t or prefer not to rely on a new bank loan.


We will create Wraparound Financing for buyers with 10% to 20% (Or Best Offer) for a down payment, or Rent to Own, also known as Lease with Option to Purchase the home to them until they close with a 3 to 5% (Or Best Offer) down as non-refundable option consideration (purchase deposit). Being a creative and flexible seller allows us to sell for top dollar quickly.


Anyone who’s not looking to own will have to rent. Each property we buy can simply be rented since we’re not under time pressure or a cash crunch to sell.


We’ll be in the business of providing wonderful housing opportunities to everyone!x

We Buy and Sell Houses ​In Bakersfield, Tulare, Visalia, Fresno and Throughout Most of the Central and Southern CA Area

We Buy and Sell in Fresno County

Fresno, California
Bakersfield, California
We Buy and Sell Houses and Mortgage Notes plus, we offer Investment and Joint Venture Partnership Opportunities!

We Buy and Sell in Kern County

We Sell our Homes for Fair Market Value offering fantastic No-Bank-Qualifying Home Buying Programs to our Buyers!

We Buy and Sell in Tulare County

Visalia, California