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    Primarily We Buy Single Family Houses, Using Private Investors and Joint Venture Partners to Pay Cash for the Purchases of Our Properties and We Pay 200% to 400% Times Current Bank Rates to Our Investors.

    Discover How You Can Safely & Securely Earn 200% To 400% Times Current Bank Rates

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We Can Pay Full Price For The Houses We Buy!

Get a Fast Cash Offer or..., on Terms for Full Price Offer to Sell Your House Within 24 to 48 hours!

It's a Fast, Simple and Hassle Free Process and There's No Risk or Obligation Whatsoever.

"Unlike Flipper Investors… Our Long-Term, Buy & Hold Approach Allows Us To Offer Our Home Sellers Top Dollar"

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Selling a House
Homes For Sale By Owner
Investing in Real Estate
Investment Homes For Sale
Selling a House

Selling a House Made Simple... Sell By Owner Directly to an Investor

Selling a House Made Simple
You have options when it comes to Selling Your House, but your neighborhood Realtor isn’t going to tell you about them.
Selling your house doesn’t have to be a succession of hope and disappointment with each unqualified offer made and loan that didn’t approve.


When you work with Professional Investors, you get a Fair Offer and a Fast Closing without the headaches that come with Retail Buyers!
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Homes For Sale By Owner

Rent To Own Your Own Home, or... Seller Will Finance!

Rent to Own Your Own Home or Seller Will Finance
Rent-to-Own and Leasing your dream home With The Option To Buy means just that... you have the option to buy it, but it’s not a requirement.
You have the opportunity to live in "Your Home" while you repair your credit or build the reported income you need to qualify for a loan or fix whatever is keeping you from qualifying for a Traditional Bank Loan.

And let's face it, a traditional seller would never let you move in before the bank said yes, but... We Will!
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Investing in Real Estate

Learn How To Become a Private Money Lender...

Learn How To Become a Private Lender
Tired of Poor Returns on Your IRA and Other Institutional Investments?
Learn about one of the most secured investment programs available today, secured by very low Loan-to-Value Mortgages, with Short-Term involvement and payoffs in as little as 1 to 5 years.


You make a consistent return of 2 to 4 times higher than Traditional Bank Returns on your investment dollars every year and, you completely control where every dollar goes!
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Investment Homes For Sale

Investment Homes For Sale By Owner... At The Right Price

Investment Homes For Sale By Owner
Savvy Professional Investors know the key to Investing in Real Estate is buying at the right price, in the right location, at the right time.
We pride ourselves on acquiring Real Estate Property that sells fast and makes financial sense. And at the same time we understand that in order for a transaction to be fair and honest, everyone involve must benefit and profit. That includes our Sellers, Us and of course... our Cash Buyer Investors as well!

There’s no reason to waste time chasing dud deals...
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We are Professional Home Buyers and Private Lenders with a “Long-Term, Buy & Hold Approach”...

Which allows us to offer our House Sellers a Fast Cash Sale or Terms which nets our Sellers "Top Dollar!" 


Primarily by:

Cutting out all the Middleman Costs
Providing Money Saving Benefits
Eliminating Closing Fees
Offering a Quick & Hassle Free Sale

We Have Been Providing Value and Service to the Real Estate Market for Over 20 Years!

Offering Win-Win Solutions for House Sellers... Home Buyers and... Private Investors!

Get a FREE No Risk or Obligation Offer...
We Buy Houses For Full Price!
We Sell Houses With No Qualifying Programs!
How To Earn 200% to 400% Times Bank Rates!
We Buy Houses For Full Price!

Unlike Flipper Investors...

By strategically implementing our "Long Term Buy and Hold" House Buying Business Model and Know-How, and... 

By being Fair and Honest (what we call “Strait-Talk”)

We have now found the way that we can locate properties and create a Win-Win Purchase Offer at a Justifiable Reduced, Profitable and Acceptable Price for both Us and our Sellers.

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We Sell Houses With No Qualifying Programs!

After we help our Sellers by purchasing their house... then we turn around and sell these homes for Fair Market Value by offering fantastic No-Bank-Qualifying Home Buying Programs to our future Buyers!

Great folks looking to buy a home without qualifying for a bank loan using our flexible purchase programs such as our Rent to Own and our No Qualifying Owner Financing, Down Payment Assistance, Work for Equity and many more.

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How To Earn 200% to 400% Times Bank Rates!

So because of our Long-Term, Buy & Hold business model, we are able to make a fair and honest profit and still give our House Sellers and Home Buyers a great deal on the Sale or Purchase of their home, plus…

The built in profits earned by helping our Sellers and Buyers allows us to safely and securely offer to pay our Lenders and Investors 200% to 400% times current bank rates!

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